Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"Moo" (4x6") Oil on wood panel


Jason Waskey said...

What a neat a) composition b) subject matter, and c) paint application!

Joanne said...

Yeah! You are back! Happy New Year Todd. What wonderful texture you have created in this painting! I also like the way the fencing is an eyestopper, yet we have so much to explore beyond it - great depth there. As well - it really looks like muddy ground, yet full of color. Very nice!

m collier said...

What a great painting!! The texture created by the variation in color is very appealing. The fence is very effective at keeping the viewers interest on the cow but also asks us to look beyond the main subject. Very successful painting.

Todd Bonita said...

You are all very complimentary..thanks so much, sincerely. Been with stay-at-home-daddy duty so productivity has slowed a bit but what a great feeling to put the finishing touches on a piece..whew!

Thanks again,
best to you all,

Frank Gardner said...

They've said it all so well. I Love the texture too and all the rich color harmonies.
Gotta love that Daddy duty. Kills production, but not a better feeling in the world.

Joanne said...

Hi again Todd,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comments - you have made my day! Hope you won't mind, but I have created a link to your blog from my site. By the way, I am open to barter...he,he! Have a great weekend - talk to you again soon.

Don Gray said...

Really fine work,Todd. Great sense of "scale" in the design of this little painting makes it feel much larger. The impressionistic paint handling puts me in mind of Pisarro, but the overall effect of the painting is thoroughly contemporary.

Tales of an Artist & his Travelers said...

Great detail in such a small work. Very nice! Reminds me of Uncle Bobs farm when I was a kid. Thanks.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I like this and I just love cows. I have a cow painting coming up. Nova Scotia cows to be exact.
You make a point about getting a finished painting. It's a good feeling.
Glad to see you.

eastie said...

So did get some good Filet Mignon out of that cow after?!? Add some A1 nice!

Austin Maloney said...

I really like your art. In fact i added it to my daily painter links.


Jean Victory said...

Nice Job! I just love cow paintings! Love the texture!