Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Lake

"The Lake" (18x24") Oil on canvas.


Mikes1024 said...

Hi Todd, this is really nice..I really like how you can see the bottom of the water. The color of the canoe and it's relfection are awesome.

T.Ford said...

Strong piece Todd. Great job!

Cara Dawn Romero said...

Everything I was going to say Mikes1024 said for me. This is wonderful!

Jacqui Faye said...

Todd.... incredible color, another masterpiece.... it just beckons to the viewer..... amazing how you can paint such peaceful energy into the canvas.

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you all sincerely. It warms me to hear your mention of peaceful energy Jacqui, thats exactly how this image made me feel when I came upon it.
All the best to you all.

Jean Victory said...

A strong piece...love the solitude it suggests.

Jeffrey J. Boron said...

Lovely warmth in this piece Todd...the bottom detail along with all the subtle shading draw you in and then your gone exploring!



m collier said...

Wonderfully painting. The warmth of the red boat and the transparent shallows are a beautiful contrast to cool deeper water. So serine. I can imagine the expanse of water that lay beyond the boarders of this painting. You really have it going on here Todd.

redchair said...

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Don Gray said...

Todd, the sunlit glow in this piece is exceptional!

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you all again, those shallows were very challenging to paint but i think worth the effort to say what I wanted to say in this piece.

I hope you are all well.

James Whitehurst said...

Thanks for the kind words Todd. Your work is beautiful.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks James..you're work is powerful stuff..no kidding. click his link to see a plein air master.

laine lea said...

rreally great painting Todd. Like the light.

Joanne Licsko said...

This painting calls me. It promises a magic experience on calm water at the perfect time of day. It's lovely.

Austin Maloney said...

Hi Todd,
As one of my favorite blogs, I am giving you an art blog award. It can be copied from my blog at http://austinmaloney.blogspot.com/ You are asked to list 7 things that you love and give the award to 7 other artblogs.



Todd Bonita said...

Thanks again for the kind words...and thanks Austin for the reward and thinking of me, I'm touched you regard this as one of your favorite blogs. & things I love, that's easy:
1) My son Max
2) My wife Alison
3) My family
4) Friends
5) My time painting in the studio
6) Vacation
7) music

Let me think about the 7 bloggers who I'll pass this on to.
All the best,

Candy Barr said...

rip roaring away! What kind of boat is it in fact? Pretty darn inspirational in every way. I want to go to the water, to go boating, to go painting, to see sunset.. take a picnic..and the RED is just exciting in and of itself. Don't sell it! Give this one to MAX!

Todd Bonita said...

Candy Barr,
Thank you for all those nice things you said about this painting..this boat, I am told, was handmade by several young boys. I don't know how original the boat building plans were but it's a beautiful boat with long sleek lines..I had to paint it. I'm working on something for Max as this one is sold. Thanks again candy,
all the best,

rdl said...

love the shadows in the boat. nice piece!

Claudia said...

This is a very wonderful handling of a very difficult and complex subject!!!