Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Hauler

"The Hauler" (24x30") Oil on wood.
with permission by Christopher Sueffert


Bruce Sherman said...

Hey Todd!.... Another classic Bonita. Love the foggy... atmospheric quality.... low key colour... cramped composition gives the feel of being onboard... then running thru' to the right.

Just like it is. I hauled a bit with my Nova Scotian lobsterman friends in North West Cove! Makes me feel a bit homesick.... Nah! Seasick Matey!

Love it Todd! Keep Haulin' Mate!
Good painting and warmest regards,

Todd Bonita said...

Great to hear from my friend up north, thank you. There is nothing more honest than a man hauling traps on the open sea, I'll bet it was an extraordinary experience.
You keep on haulin too my friend,
all the best,

Jean Victory said...

Another beautiful painting as always!

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you Jean, very sweet of you to say.

Unknown said...

Nice... Just came back from Bodega Bay where Crab Traps were a constant visual reality.

Todd Bonita said...

Frank, you lucky dog...I saw the photos and read your post about you and Mick McGinty in Bodega, I wish I was there with you..stogies, beer and art....sounds like you guys had a blast. Insert my jealousy here.
All the best to you my friend.

Randall said...

Nice one Todd. We don't see to many action views like this.