Wednesday, February 02, 2011


"Harmony" (10x8") oil on wood.


Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Matey!.... Black Jack!... in spades my Hearty!

A beautiful piece of work Todd! Not much more I can say other then..."Thee" Joker is wild! HAHA!

All the best and Good Paintin'!
Warmest regards,

J.B. Chicoine said...

You do some really beautiful work...Thanks so much for sharing it.

Unknown said...

Wow! Fooled me ... I thought it was a photograph. Gorgeous work.

RUDHI RĂ¼scher said...

Beautiful painting and symbolic!

Todd Bonita said...

Good to hear from you as always my good man....The joker is wild indeed. That might be a nice idea for a companion piece to this.....hmmmm. A thousand thank you's me hearty.
All the best to you n yours and
May your brushes continue to make sweet music with your canvas.

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you for looking and leaving nice comments. What's better than the world wide web? You can click a button and see what artist around the planet are creating this afternoon, it still blows my mind.
All the best to you,

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Kathy,

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Rudhi,
Thanks my friend. I painted it first because I liked the design and textures. When my wife and I were trying to find a title we googled playing cards and jack of spades and found all kinds of deep and interesting symbolism related to playing cards. By a chance, I swear, we found that the Ace is symbolic of God and the Jack of spades is symbolic of Satan. I swear I had no idea when I painted it...weird. So, in exploring this idea of good and evil we weaved our way into a lengthy explanation of the symbolism of Yin and Yang which can also symbolize good and evil. It went on to explain that Yin and Yang as it relates to good and evil is more of a healthy balance of the two. Both working in harmony to find balance and enlightenment. Cool, right? I would have settled for "Ace and Jack of spades" but thought "Harmony" might be a nice title if anyone was interested in the back story.
Thanks for your comment.
All the best,

rob ijbema said...

i'm convinced!
excellend work again todd

Marian Fortunati said...

This is just amazing!!

Todd Bonita said...

Rob and Marian, thanks souch, nice of you to say.

RUDHI RĂ¼scher said...

Very cool interesting story T.B.; easy to agree! That's the way, symbolism works in it's best way, I mean. Glad, to enjoy your paintings! Think, you know, what the *spades* symbolizes?