Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Toy Hot Rod

"My Toy Hot Rod" (16x20") oil on wood.


Anonymous said...

I love the light around this old metal car! It rules the spotlight! You are a master of old and crusty, rusty surfaces, Todd. These toy cars evoke such happy childhood memories, that my husband says this is nicer than the real thing...and in red to boot! PN

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks a million for the kind words...I am fond of rusty and crusty for sure. There seems to already be a story in there when you have a surface like that. I forget who said it but a portrait painter of note once said that he preferred painting ugly people over the attractive model types. I understand where he's coming from...I'll take a nasty surface over a shiny new one any day. Happy painting to you Pat. Thanks again.

rob ijbema said...

materful indeed!