Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Black and Blue

"Black and Blue" (18x24") Oil on canvas


April Jarocka said...

Hi Todd. Lovely blog...how did I miss this one?? Just wanted to say thanks for adding me to your list of painters...wow. I will really have to work hard to keep my place above Otto Lang!!

Todd Bonita said...

Ha-ha..that made me chuckle. You must understand, in America the fourth position is regarded as the one possessing the most strength and integrity...funny you should mention Otto Lang and position...I used to be on his blog roll and then one day I simply disappeared from it. I havn't recovered since. Lets see how things go and I might raise you above William Hawkins.
Thanks for the giggles April.
all the best,

Sadia Hussain said...

Absolutely gorgeous Todd! You have some very beautiful paintings displayed ! I'm a great fan of boats but have failed to draw or paint them . I greatly admire your talent and will drop by regularly.