Friday, October 02, 2009

Patience (24x30")

"Patience" (24x30") Oil on wood. Detail view

"Patience" Framed


n warner said...

Wonderful settled, and well, patience is a virtue, so this is virtuous. Wish I had your talent, but requires patience, oh, too many circles...

Todd Bonita said...

Ha-ha, Hi Nina, very clever. Thank you for the kind words. Hope you are well..always good to hear from you.

Mark said...

Great painting! the black frame sets it off nicely, too. How did your show go? Was it a success for you?

Mark Shasha

Todd Bonita said...

Hey Mark,
Great to hear from you, thanks for the comment. The show went very well, the gallery and my work are a good fit. Most of the paintings have found new homes already, I couldn't be happier about it. I hope your doing well and I would really like to conect with you sometime soon. I'll be at the Rockport art assn in early November and will likely get in touch with with to get together.

I hope you are well my friend.
All the best,

Helen Read said...

wow, I love the composition you created - with light below and dark above! So interesting!