Monday, October 12, 2009

Dirty Oar

"Dirty Oar" (11x14") Oil on wood.


Mona Diane Conner said...

Todd, it's lovely to see you bust out with such a dynamic figurative work and there are such wonderful color decisions in this one.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Mona, I've wanted to finish this painting for a while but just had some was great fun and I definitely plan to do more..thanks.

Alvin Richard said...

Outstanding! You color palette is out of this world. What a complimentary piece for all of the small sea vessels.....WOW!

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Alvin,
always good to hear from you..I appreciate the kind words and observation.

Hope you are work is looking as strong as ever.
All the best,

Peter Gander said...

Agree, lovely to see some figurative work to the usual impressive standard.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Peter, Thanks so much. I found myself hooked on your blog. I love what you do and have already spent way too much time scrolling through your wonderful blog..I'm going back as soon as I'm finished typing this. I used to be a staff illustrator before I started oil painting for galleries and following your journey on your blog brought back fond memories for me. Really rewarding work.
Thank you my friend,
All the best.

Don Gray said...

Stunning, Todd, beautifully handled. I haven't been checking in to blogs too often lately--it's great to catch up on your sensitive, expressive work.

Todd Bonita said...

I always love hearing from you, thanks for the comments. I have so much respect for your work and what you do.
All the best,

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi!...again Todd! Had a few spare moments this morning... so I scrolled your reading a morning newspaper! I come away much more uplifted by your "news"!

I love "Dirty Oar"... you've caught the moment and the ambience and solitude of the ritual of "early rising". Your tonal control is exquisite in this piece.

Love the canoe pieces as well!

Good painting!

Todd Bonita said...

Great to hear from you my friend, a thousand thank you's for the kind words, sincerely. This was such a fun painting to do, I am seriously considering a much larger version with some minor adjustments to try a few different things in there.
i hope you are well. Much happy painting to you,
al the best,