Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"Smitty" (18x24") Oil on canvas.


Jacqui Faye said...

you captured his determination, his strength.... i'm waiting for him to row right out of the painting.... and the light and shadow on his face -- perfect... its really superb.

Unknown said...

Fabulous painting! Reminds me of Bo Bartlett's work. Can't wait to see more from you.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Jacqui,

Thank you so much for your kind words. You nailed two of the sentiments I was looking for when I painted this; strength and determination. You are a keen observer.
All my best to you,

Todd Bonita said...


Wow, Bo Bartlett!!...I couldn't shine his shoes but thank you sincerely. Thats a very nice compliment. I think Bo and I are definitely influenced by Andrew Wyeth and we both went to PAFA and paint the sea but I think that Bartlett character is a real genius. He's got that magic Moxie.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi again Todd!...Once again you have captured the very essence of "the life and soul" of your subject...and there is a dynamicism in your design...and in the careful brushwork which is your "signature" in my humble opinion.

I am well aware of Bo Barlett's work and style ...which I admire....BUT...that genre harkens up Rockwell...and his Saturday Evening Post "composed" and often meant to elicit sentimentality through ist illustrator-style presentation.

Your style seems more truthful and records the subject more honestly...if that's the best word.

To put it simply for my "Self":

Bartlett's work is orchestrated and leans highly upon virtuosity...performed in much the fashion as a classical pianist or violinist is expected to produce music.

Your work speaks simply and humbly in the free and confindent manner of a "fiddle" player...who plays...straight from the heart...easy-to-read....and feel! My kind o' "music"! Love this piece!
Good painting!

PS No offense to B's work intended here....Fine [Art} indeed!

Todd Bonita said...

Wow! My head is swelling, thank you...Rockwell, Bo Bartlett...these guys are all inspirations to me and I love and recognize their work for different reasons as it appears you do as well. I should tell you that Rockwell was my earliest influence in art, I wanted to paint just like him...I studied his technique, read his books, made regular visits to his museum and studio and tried to paint like him for a while..What a powerhouse he was. I once saw at his museum in Stockbridge, Mass a show that showed his process..He worked hard at the composition stage before even laying paint down. Dozens of photos of the same subject in slightly different arrangements, drawings, and redrawings, color studies, etc...He was like a master composer, conductor and orchestra all in one..image-after-image of technical perfection. You make a sensative observation in your comparison Bruce, I sometimes try to create my compositions in Rockwells maticulous manner. For this painting, I did a bunch of thumbnail sketches, posed my brother and took dozens of photos, arranged several compositions and tuned it to what you see posted here. Time consuming but great satisfaction and fun. I part company with Rockwell when it comes to the sentimentality that is often spoken about his work. I'll tell you the truth, his sentimentality never bothered me for a minute and I still love escaping in his ideal world imagery...however, the feel I'm after in my paintings is a little dirtier, grittier and filthier. I'm charmed by your music analogy and the way you put it..well said. Thanks so much for your kind words and sharing your observations Bruce.
Al my best to you.

Bruce Sherman said...

The "Universe" a strange and mysterious place ...and often "We" run in parallel in our individual journeys...miles and situations apart. is comforting to "Me" find the ones "We" share in common.. to know that our ideas... and our search for our own Truths... are shared by others we admire.... Bo...the Wyeth Dynasty... Rockwell...and our contemporary peers..such as yourself!

Nice talking ...and sharing Todd!

Good painting!