Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three Scalliwags

"Three Scalliwags" (16x20") oil on wood.


Joan Jannaman said...

What a perfect name ....it made me smile right away! I am fascinated by your style and subject matter and look forward to your postings to see your latest....good luck and Happy Thanksgiving!
Joan Jannaman

Unknown said...

I love the way you selected the composition and captured a wonderful mood.

Helen Read said...

Great title! And wonderful composition and color!

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Joan,
Thanks for the comments, you are very complimentary, I appreciate it sincerely. I like the title too...I usually don't like my titles and have a difficult time naming paintings...but these tired old thugs are clearly three scalliwags.

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Frank,
For me, composition and design are the most important elements. I was going for repeated shapes in this one to help make it work. Thanks for noticing and commenting.
All my best,

Todd Bonita said...

Good to hear from you Helen, thank you so much.

Bruce Sherman said...

"Aye Matey!....What's a sea dog wit'out 'is skiff??" HAHA!! Sure made "Me" smile! Encapsulates the gritty "togetherness" in any cove from your East coast...right up to mine! Wonderful composition and a textural gem!

Good painting...and good luck with sales at your show Todd!

Don Coker said...

Todd, let me echo others, this is a strong composition and well designed. A lovely piece!

Todd Bonita said...


Nyaaaar, me hearty, I be thankin ye, fer ye werds o' kindness...

The show was a great success, thanks. I've got to get up to your neck of the woods some day, it's just what I'm after in my work. I'll bring my paintbox and maybe we can get out and paint the town.

All the best,

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Don, and thanks for adding me to your links..I just popped you in over here too. Your work is spectacular. Sorry to hear about you losing your illustration job in the spring but I think when one door closes another opens..and as an artist that could be life changing for the better.
All the best,

m collier said...

Composition and colors are excellent. I am always wowed by the depth you achieve in your paintings. A very successful painting.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi M,

A thousand thank you's...I never tire of your kind words. Ha-ha...I just out your blog this morning and as usual I left with my jaw open.
All the best,

Jacqui Faye said...

as always, incredible work.