Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Lake (48x60")

"The Lake" (48x60") Oil on canvas.


Don Gray said...

A beautiful lesson in meditation, Todd.

Unknown said...

A gorgeous painting! I like the way the cool colors transition into warm ones. Wonderful technique!

Bruce Sherman said...

Yo Matey!.... Another "Gem"... capital "G" fully intended!

"I" agree with Don's comment... and add... "observation" to it!

The bow slightly up... echoing the weight of water ever so perceptably hunkering down in the stern... after a rain or storm.

As always... the transparency of your water is purely magical Todd. Both "You" and "I" have spent countless hours looking beyond ... the surface of things!

A beautiful rendering! Hats off to "You"!

Hi to the Family!

Good painting and Good Health!
Warmest regards,

PS I'm off to Scotland mid June for a week... to Attend Allison's Grad at St Andrew's College... and to paint some Highland landscape!

Life is Good!

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you for saying that...I'm drawn to imagery thats meditative, your comments are welcomed approval.
Happy painting my friend.

Todd Bonita said...


Thank you for the kind words. I painted this image smaller before and thats exactly one of the elements I was focusing's like you read my mind.

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you my friend,
Always good to hear from you. Have a blast in Scotland you lucky dog. You must be proud and I'm guessing floating a few feet above the ground.
All the best to you and the family.

Kristin White said...

I love the reflection of the boat in the water and the ripples that make it seem like the boat is rocking slightly!

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you Kristen,
Nice of you to leave a comment. It's a subtle movement, you are keen to have picked up on it. I considered those little ripples an after thought and I'll tell you the truth...I originally had more of them in my under painting but ruined the effect in the final painting application. I was going to battle it out and try to repaint some of them back in but when it came time, I realized I liked the subtlety of the few that were was quieter and lent itself more so to the meditative silence in this piece.
all my best to you Kristen,

Kristin White said...

Yeah, I think that you were right not to paint more ripples in the finished piece. They work well as they are.

SKIZO said...


mARTy said...

that´s so realistic, very good!

Peter Gander said...

Understated beauty, so tranquil!

mark reinhold said...

Now you've done it....There is no turning back, only paintings as good as this one from now on.

Wow!... I am going to show this one to my clients with houses on the water.

Viewing this on my computer screen and knowing the real size makes me jealous of those who have been able to see this painting in person.

Todd Bonita said...

Skizo, Mark, Peter,
Thank you.

Todd Bonita said...

thank you, for the kind words and the thought to pass it on to your clients..very supportive of you.
All my best to you.

Helen Read said...

Todd, once again, you show water so wonderfully - boats too!! Well, I like everything you do!

Sadia said...

Gem of a painting Todd! Very carefully detailed; the textures , highlights and reflections captivate one entirely!