Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Portsmouth Tugs

Portsmouth Tugs (11x14") Oil on wood.
(with permission by John Winslow)


Ira Grin said...

Amazing! I love your color - so rich! Is it a plain air or a studio painting?

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Ira,
thanks so much. It is a studio painting. It's funny you should question it being a plein air or studio work because it's interesting to note that I painted this piece just after plein air painting to try to aproach the studio work with a freshness. It's the first time I've done it and I think there is a richness to the color and for me personally, selectively looser brushwork and more attention to atmosphere.
Thanks again Ira.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi There Todd!... Have been wonderin' about you Matey!

This is yet another Bonita gem... rich in texture colour and smellin' of salt air!

Can't beat the plein "air support"... for we ground combat guys. Really does create some fireworks n'sparkle when one is confined in the studio!

Great stuff Tood!

Happy summer painting!
Warmest regards,

Todd Bonita said...

Good to hear from you my friend, been busy getting things together for this show. You certainly nailed it regarding the notion of plein air work bringing sparkle. I'm primarily a studio guy who longs to get out there in the trenches more... Everytime I get out there it's like a breath of fresh air being breathed into the work itself. I'm sure it's why your work is so fresh looking. It really gives it a zing. Always good to see your name in the in box and thank you again me hearty.
All the best with your paint slinging my friend,

Joanne Licsko said...

Your choice of composition gives the tugs power even while tied up. The color is wonderful!

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Joanne,
nice of you to comment...I think all that green really needed that chromatic red.
All the best,

Stefan Nuetzel said...

The vibracy of your color is brilliant. It is also very good how you have the focal point on the first boat.
Cheers from Vienna, Nue!

Todd Bonita said...

My old friend Stefan,
it's so good to hear from you again, thank you for the comments. I think I get more successful color when I lay it down and don't noodle with it as much..it's tricky business for me but I'm working on that discipline.
So nice to hear from you my friend, I checked on your blog and the work is looking as strong as ever. All the best from New Hampshire, USA.

Stefan Nuetzel said...

Hi Todd!
Thank you so much for your warm words.
I would love to see your paintings in real, because the reproduction in the web is only a compromise. Nevertheless your paintings look splendid.
Cheers from Vienna!