Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thinking Back

"Thinking Back" (6x8") Oil on wood.


Ross Lynem said...

Stunning! Simply beautiful. I love the feeling it leaves me with.

Bruce Sherman said...

Gidday Mate!.... Ross merely amplifies my feelings about this little "punt" as we call them up this way....simply stunning in detail ... colour and mood!

"I" fished and laid out decoys on many a morning and evening with the mate to this one Todd!

Love the title as well! Good minds think alike! Check out the latest on my blog... "You" will see what "I" mean!

Have a GR888888888 summer my Friend!
Continued... Good Painting!
Wramest regards,

Kristin said...

I love the wood grain of the plywood, this painting reminds me of many boats that I have owned, sailed, rowed, built, sanded, painted, epoxied...

m collier said...

The straight on view is quit stunning. One day I will have to get you to tell me how you paint the water with such depth. Beautiful.

Todd Bonita said...

I've been busy getting ready for the next show, this coming Friday, August 6 at the Kennedy gallery in Portsmouth, NH...wish guys could come. I know you all live far away but thank you for checking into the blog with your kind words about my paintings. Feels good to hear it from such a talented bunch of paint slingers like yourselves. Truly appreciated. I hope this finds you all well and happy painting.