Saturday, August 07, 2010


"Lovers" (6x8") Oil on wood.


Kristin said...

The reflection of the boat in the water is stunning!

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Kristen,
Thanks so much, good to hear from you again. I like your painting of that dog titled, Kisa. Nice work.
Happy painting to you my friend,

Beth West said...

A very peaceful painting. Makes me wish I was planning a trip to the coast sooner than I am.

Pierre Raby said...

Contemplative et serene, beautiful painting Todd.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Love this one Todd. The composition is so very beautiful.

Todd Bonita said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for leaving a comment. There is really something about the coast- Im with you. We were out by the Maine coast all afternoon and I had to pinch myself.

Todd Bonita said...

So nice to see you in my inbox...I have been a fan of your exquisite paintings since you started blogging. I think you are extraordinary. If you havnt seen Pierres work, please click on his link to see some very sensative observation in the hands of an extremely skilled painter.

Todd Bonita said...

Always makes me smile to read your comments. A thousand thank you's. I hope this finds you well.

Bruce Sherman said...

Hey there Matey!... What a treasure... a veritable small lapis lazulli gem it is Todd!

And ...oh so clever! Lovers!....the gulls... or Todd and the punt? Me thinks some double entendre at work here Matey!HAR DE HAR!

Good painting... and Happy Summer to "You" my Friend and your lovely family!

Warmest regards,

Todd Bonita said...


Nyaaaar, me scurvy dog...thems gulls be lovers...Heartys the likes of wich ye have never gazed eye upon. The empty punt in the fore tis the misfortune that befell them hearts three weeks 'fore. Aaar! Scourge of the wicked seas...If you're not careful, she'll fillet ye heart like a skinny haddock.

All the best to the likes of ye.

Don Gray said...

Luminous...with that marvelous sense of anticipation you somehow capture. A frozen moment on the verge of change.

Todd Bonita said...

Thank you Don,
Always appreciate your observation...your work is as stunning as ever by-the-way..I'm a regular at your sight.
Good to see your name.
All the best my friend,

Ross Lynem said...

Loved the pirate chat and the painting. Very peaceful and serene. Beautiful and calming....

Todd Bonita said...

Ha-haa, thanks Ross...A little pirate talk is good for the soul every once and again.
So is a serene boat painting.
Thank you my friend.

Unknown said...

Todd.... wonderful mood and feel .... you captured the magic!

Anonymous said...

Are these all your paintings ? They are really amazingly good. Makes me glad that i'm doing my art course now seein people who can paint so well

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Frank, I like that..."the magic". Thats a very nice comploiment.
All the best my friend.

Todd Bonita said...

Yup, they are all mine. Thank you for the kind words. Stick with your art courses, I still take them from time to time. There is so much to learn, it's really wonderful stuff to fill your head and occupy your time with.
All the best and good luck to you,

Oil Paintings said...

Hey Todd,
Its beautiful painting. Just stunning. Loved your theme! :)