Monday, April 17, 2006

"Flurries in April"

"Flurries in April" (8x10) Oil on Masonite


Edna Throttlebottom said...

I love the halo effects around the barn and the house. Despite it being spring, I can almost feel the bite of that cold northern wind! Well done!

Todd Bonita said...

Thanks Edna,

I checked out your blog, very cool paintings! Thanks for taking the time to look.

All my best,


plandy said...

I liked it enough to post a compliment. It's very nice.

PJ said...

Wasn't it fun to paint something other than still life? However, I can't figure out your light source here. Sometimes shadows can really make a painting, especially when there is so much empty space as in the foreground. You could bring those shadows down and exaggerate them. Shadows are all on the same side and light is on the opposite side. Start really looking at shadows outdoors and the importance of them in showing contrast in your paintings.
And, your tree trunks could have color in them other than just brown...try orange and pink, you'll be surprised! Also, exaggerate your perspective, enhancing the overall painting.

Jamestown said...

It's all really good!!!

sc said...

If you look at the foreground, the brush stroke is very much apart of it, the splotches of color building up is not only intriguing but also beautiful, but then its not really repeated very much in places like the sky. The two areas do not seem to fit with each other. The sky is worked out and refined more than the forground. I understand it was to try to creat texture, but at the same time, its probably worth while investigating.

A place to look at that might be an interst, would be the impressionist painters such as monet