Wednesday, April 12, 2006


"Oranges" (6x8) Oil on wood panel


Paint Squared said...

I love your fruit ... I just want to grab one & take it with me for a snack. The colors are great ... love the pale blue table cloth contrasting with the bright color of the fruit. BEAUTIFUL! :-) Elizabeth

Todd Bonita said...

Hi ELizabeth,

Thanks so much. you won't believe how close I came to launching this painting across the studio. I battled the whole time...I have so much to learn.

PJ said...

These are go outside and paint something.

April Jones said...

Hey saw your post on craigs list. I really like your stuff. You use oils very well. I am an artist as well-work alot with photography. check my blog out sometime great work!!

patrick james said...

All of your paintings although different in subject communicate the same look, frozen and emotionless, paint from emotion not from the hand and the eye.


Todd Bonita said...

Hi all,

I've received a lot of feedback and I'm sincerely gratefull to you for taking the time to look and give your honest opinions. I've learned so much in a short period of time because of you all. My next post is a landscape . I attempted to incorporate some of the feedback that I have received.


Alessandra said...

Hi Todd,

I'm an emerging artist myself, I know how helpful critique can be. I believe you oranges are your strongest piece, and I think its largely successful due to the mixture of loose brushstrokes and the tighter realism you explore in your other paintings. As for the other paintings, suggestions I would make:
In 'Flurries', consider the sky a bit more. While sky does get darker as it goes up, it doesn't become that dark until 6-7 pm, and the shadows would be different. Also think about using different colors in the sky. Sometimes sky is very cerulean ( as a lot of NE skies are) and sometimes very cobolt, but they also vary in intensity throughout the sky. Don't get married to one color.
Your colors in "pear" are just gorgeous. i think the looser brushstroke works for you, though I'm most fond of when you combine your two styles.

Hope I helped a little!

kmodek said...

I think your oranges are fantastic!! Amazing how realistic they are....truly be proud of your work.