Friday, April 28, 2006

"Perkins Cove Dinghy"

Hi all, I'm back from vacation and finally in front of the easel again. One of the first things I did when I got home was drive up north to Ogunquit, Maine to Perkins cove where I did some plein air painting and took lots of photographs. It's great to be back on the seacoast. This is an 8x6" oil painting on wood panel of a "Perkins cove dingy".
*Private Collection*


Abbie said...

Your paintings are marvelous!! I, too, am from NH and got your site from Susan's blog. I'll be back often to check out your work! If you don't mind I'll put a link to your blog on mine!

:) Abbie

PJ said...


susan said...

Hi abbie Hi Todd!
Very nice dinghy.... and really, I would like to see these in person. Ring me up next week and make an appointment! These are very nice online, so I am sure they are even nicer in person!
All my contact info is at the blog.

HARDWAX said...


Christopher said...

i really like that the major element of the painting is the knot tying the boat and not the boat itself (kind of some funny wordplay there). there's a nice interplay between this very squiggly texture (the knot) and the stolid squareness of the boat. nicely done.

Todd Bonita said...

I thought I was the only one who got that about the knot..good eye Christopher. Thanks all for your nice comments.


sueshine said...

I really enjoyed viewing your work...found it purely by accident,looking at Craig's List.It is quite striking in many ways.Keep up the good work and enjoy!!!
In Joy,